Mission and Strategy


FORGE is a US-based nonprofit organization that works with displaced communities in Africa. FORGE builds upon the capacity of African refugees to cultivate empowered communities and to create the conditions for peace and prosperity in their countries.


FORGE’s strategy centers around the idea that refugees are a particularly powerful target population in the pursuit of peace and security in war-torn regions. In Africa, where conflicts tend to be long and drawn out, refugee populations are not only highly accessible, but also highly motivated – open to new ideas and committed to building better futures for themselves and their families. Most importantly, people displaced by war will eventually return to their home countries and communities and bring with them the new knowledge and skills that they gained while in refuge. Thus, building capacity in individuals who have been forced to flee from war allows for the process of peace-building and social stabilization to begin before the war even ends.


FORGE’s ultimate objective is to restore peace and security to the African continent. In response to the well-established links between poverty and conflict, FORGE works to enable economic stability and self- sufficiency at individual and societal levels. FORGE facilitates community-driven skills training, educational opportunities, and enrichment activities to refugees who are otherwise dependent on international aid. A focus on empowering refugees to pursue their educational, economic, and social goals enables FORGE leaders to guide their countries to a stable, peaceful and prosperous future.

Community Served:

An official Operating Partner of the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), FORGE works hand-in-hand with refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan. Now in its fifth year of operation, FORGE has implemented over 60 community development projects that have served more than 60,000 refugees in the four sites in Southern Africa FORGE has worked: Meheba, Mwange, and Kala refugee camps in Zambia, and Dukwi refugee camp in Botswana. FORGE projects and programs are run by a staff of 150 refugees.