Meheba Women’s Center

4 Sep

Teaching women’s rights and skills acquisition Name: Meheba Women’s Center Location: Meheba Refugee Settlement, Zambia Category: Women’s Budget: $6044 Goal: To develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of refugee women by providing a safe space for women to work together, … Read More »

Kala Health Services

1 Sep

Decreasing the incidence of illness, disease, and death Project Vitals Name: Kala Health Services Location: Kala Refugee Camp, Zambia Category: Health Budget: $5000 Goal: To decrease the incidence of unnecessary illness, death and disease in Kala camp through educating adults … Read More »

Journal Mwange

1 Sep

Project Vitals Name: Journal Mwange Location: Mwange Refugee Camp, Zambia Category: Community Enrichment Budget: $1683 Goal: To provide a publication for the community to inform itself, express opinions, and celebrate its successes. As of December 1, 2009, FORGE is no … Read More »

Refugee Health Service

30 Aug

Bringing vital medical services to an isolated community Project Vitals Name: Refugee Health Service Location: Meheba Refugee Settlement, Zambia Category: Health Budget: $4960 Goal: To improve access to medical care and health education in one of the most populated refugee … Read More »

Kala Computer & Technology Center

29 Aug

Providing Skills for the New Economy Project Vitals Name: Kala Computer & Technology Center Location: Kala Refugee Camp, Zambia Category: Economic Development Budget: $3301 Goal: To enhance the earning potential and job skills of Kala Camp residents through valuable computer … Read More »

FORGE Post-Secondary Scholarship Fund

15 Aug

Project Vitals Name: FORGE Post-Secondary Scholarship Fund Location: General Category: Education Budget: $8090 Goal: To provide post-secondary scholarships for exceptional refugee adults who have been accepted to universities and vocational schools in Zambia. For many refugees in Zambia, secondary school … Read More »