Journal Mwange

1 Sep

Project Vitals

Journal Mwange
Mwange Refugee Camp, Zambia
Community Enrichment
To provide a publication for the community to inform itself, express opinions, and celebrate its successes.

As of December 1, 2009, FORGE is no longer working in Mwange Refugee Camp. Thus, FORGE is no longer accepting funds for this project.

Most of the residents of Mwange Refugee Camp lack access to accurate information regarding the camp, their home country, and the outside world. Journal Mwange is designed to meet this need by giving refugees a forum to report on the issues they find important. Through articles on community role-models, Journal Mwange fosters a sense of pride and hope based on the success and ingenuity of this vibrant community. Additionally, the staff of Journal Mwange carefully and consistently fact-check their stories with the United Nations Refugee Agency and its other nonprofit partners in the hopes that their stories can counteract the rumors that sometime swirl through a camp of this size. Ultimately, Journal Mwange is not just a means of receiving information for the residents of Mwange Camp; rather, as the first newspaper that many of the younger refugees have ever read, it represents possibilities and their own potential.