Meheba Women’s Center

4 Sep

Teaching women’s rights and skills acquisition

Meheba Women’s Center
Meheba Refugee Settlement, Zambia
To develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of refugee women by providing a safe space for women to work together, create, learn, and expand their horizons.

The strength and leadership that female refugees provide bolsters their homes and communities on a daily basis. Working with FORGE, Angolan refugee Jacqui B. established the Meheba Women’s Center in 2005 to encourage and support women in the Meheba community. To this end, Jacqui B and the staff of the Meheba Women’s Center, in conjunction with FORGE, have created a place for women to pursue vocational training, workshops on their gender-specific rights, and informal counseling services to address cases of rape and domestic abuse. Today, the Meheba Women’s Center, managed entirely by refugee women, is a vibrant and bustling cornerstone of the Meheba Community.